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Keene To Close The Keenedom

Soon, the message board mecca that was The Keenedom will be no more (Brian lays out his reasons here). As a result, I will no longer have a forum, and will not likely have another anytime soon. However, I will still be posting all of my writing and publishing updates here, and if you’re on Facebook, I’ll be using that as my substitute message board. Here is my Facebook page, if you’re interested in ‘friending’ me.

Check-In Once Again at The Last Motel!

I’m pleased to announce that the new edition of my first novel, THE LAST MOTEL, has been released. However, this isn’t just any old re-release. This edition from LegumeMan Books is a true novelisation of the lost 1981 Australian horror movie, complete with a reproduction of the original cover art and 18 pages of movie stills and never before seen production photos! With no known print of the film in existence, this novel will be as close as most people will ever get to actually watching this brutal horror movie. Available in trade paperback, ebook, and special lettered editions. For more information, visit the LAST MOTEL page. For more information about the movie and the book’s history, visit Last Motel – The Movie.

Last Motel Lettered

The lettered edition of LegumeMan Books’ re-release of THE LAST MOTEL is now available to pre-order. This will be a truly unique package: along with a signed copy of the book, you also get reproductions of the lobby cards, movie poster, full-length soundtrack and the movie trailer. All this comes housed in a VHS case. For more information, and to pre-order a copy, go here. There will be only 26 copies of the special lettered edition produced, so hurry before they’re all gone!

Vincent Preis Awards 2010

I’m pleased to announce that my novel Die Mutter (The Mother) has come in 2nd place in the German horror literary award, Vincent Preis (Vincent Price), for ‘Best International Literary Works 2010’. Sitting among the likes of Stephen King, Jack Ketchum, Brian Keene, Joe Hill and Simon Clark, I must say I’m humbled and awed. Thank you to all of my German readers for voting for Die Mutter.

Vincent Preis Awards 2010

The Truth is Out There…

The truth about my first novel, THE LAST MOTEL, can finally be told!

THE LAST MOTEL was a 1981 Australian horror movie that was moderately successful upon its initial release, but soon fell into obscurity. In 2002 I wrote the novel based on the movie, and, with the writer/director’s OK (in fact, on his insistence) the book was marketed as an original novel, rather than a novelisation. Now that the film’s writer/director – Butch Callaghan – is gone, I’ve decided to come clean and let the world know about this little-seen horror movie. Also, the novel will now be re-printed as a movie tie-in, and will be coming soon from LegumeMan Books.

More details about both the novelisation and the movie to follow. You can go here to watch the trailer for THE LAST MOTEL, listen to select tracks from the soundtrack, and view behind-the-scenes photos and production stills: The Last Motel – the movie.

Torment Has Been Kindled

My latest novel, TORMENT (Severed Press) is now available to download on Kindle. Other formats, such as Nook and iphone, will be made available shortly.

Dead Tree Forest – the e-book.

The digital edition of my Delirium Books novella, DEAD TREE FOREST, has just been released. Available to download in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats, and for the small price of $4.99.

Third Novel Released

My latest novel, Torment, has just been released by Severed Press.

The trade paperback can be purchased from Amazon.

Special LegumeMan Books Signing

A group of LegumeMan Books authors (Matthew Revert, R. Frederick Hamilton, Steve Gerlach, Andrew Gallacher, and myself) will be at Dymocks, Southland, on May 14th, for a group signing.  If you live in Melbourne, feel free to come by and say hello, buy books, get books signed, and maybe you’ll even get a hug or two.  More details can be found here.


Boycott Dorchester

Dorchester Publishing has been screwing their authors over, and some of them have decided that they’re as mad as hell as they’re not going to take it anymore.  To read about just how Dorchester have been behaving, and what you as readers, writers, artists, etc, can do, go here.

Words of Wisdom

Wise words from someone who knows.

Neighbourhood Jungle

The second book in my ‘Jungle’ novella trilogy is now up for pre-order from Tasmaniac Publications.

Six months have passed since the arrival of the New World. A world plunged into primitive living overnight.

Within this wild and dangerous landscape live two types of survivors: those attempting to restore civilisation, a sense of order and normalcy; and those who have embraced the jungle, governed by new rules, doing anything to survive.

For the group living in the remains of a supermarket – now a make-shift hospital and refuge – their attempts of a safe, ordered life has so far been successful. There’s an adequate supply of food, with injuries and maladies being treated as best as possible by the local doctor. Their main concern is the gang living in the ruined Blockbuster across the river. As wild and untamed as the jungle that has taken over the once-thriving suburban shopping strip, the gang kidnap and murder at will, hanging what remains of the dead from a nearby fast-food sign.

So far they’ve left the small community alone, but it’s only a matter of time before the gang’s blood lust brings forth a deadly confrontation.

In the jungle, only the fittest survive. Welcome to the neighbourhood.

Limited to 180 author-signed softcovers, only $14!
26 lettered hardcovers, $80 (sold out)

Cover art by Steve Crisp
Internal illustrations by Keith Minnion
Bonus stories from Kealan Patrick Burke and R. Frederick Hamilton

Order direct from publisher for free shipping within the US and Australia:

Preorder Dead Tree Forest

My latest novella, Dead Tree Forest, is now up for preorder.  Limited to only 150 copies, so secure your copy now by heading on over to the Horror Mall.

Deep within the Tasmanian wilderness lies Boolool Kiambram – Dead Tree Forest. To the local Aborigines, Boolool Kiambram means death. A curse was placed over the forest more than a century ago, and the locals know that once you enter the vast expanse of leafless trees and ash-like soil, you’re never to return.

To others, Dead Tree Forest is a legend. Some are attracted to the adventure and mystery of the fabled forest of dead trees; others, such as Ray Lambert, are drawn to the legend of the girl murdered in the forest and the treasure she took with her to her grave – a treasure that supposedly contains incredible powers.

When Ray travels to Dead Tree Forest in the hope of finding the buried treasure, what he and his friends find is the restless spirit of the murdered girl, and a curse that won’t let them leave until blood has been spilled and the wrongs of the past have been avenged.

HorrorScope Reviews Tales

A very nice review posted up at HorrorScope of my story collection, Tales of Sin and Madness.  If you have yet to purchase a copy, head on over to the publisher’s website here; or, if you’d prefer, the book is available to buy on Amazon as either a trade paperback or e-book.  Heck, it’s even available to download on Smashwords for$4.99, so you have no excuse not to buy a copy…

Horror Trippin’ to Leatherface’s Texas

I’ve finally uploaded the photos from my trip to Texas in May of 2001.  I visited multiple locations from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which for the most part had remained remarkably unchanged since the movie was made in 1973.  So grab some BBQ , sit back and check out the photos here.

Another Concrete Jungle Review

Read The Horror Review’s review of Concrete Jungle here.

Torment Cover

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover of my upcoming novel, Torment, coming soon from Severed Press.

Another Concrete Jungle Review

Jeff Ritchie from ScaryMinds has reviewed my new novella.  Check out the review here.

Concrete Jungle Review

A review of my new novella, Concrete Jungle, has just been posted at Horror World.  Check out the review here.

Tales Review

The good people over at ScaryMinds have reviewed the new edition of my short story collection, Tales of Sin and Madness.  Check out the review here

Two New Books

I’m pleased to announce the release of two new titles:


It’s late. A few remaining shoppers head for the multi-story car park after attacking the sales at an adjacent shopping center.

However, they become trapped in the underground bunker when, incredibly, trees start to sprout from beneath the car park, transforming the concrete structure into a ruined, maze-like cavern.

Unable to find a way out it becomes a struggle for survival, for not only does the car park continue to transform back into a jungle, wild animals have begun to appear, governed by hunger under the foliage canopy. Now the humans must fight to survive – not only Mother Nature, but a foe just as deadly…each other.

This is the first in the ‘Jungle’ novella trilogy.

180 signed limited edition softcovers, $14

With bonus Jungle stories from Nate Kenyon and Tim Kroenert.

Cover art by Steve Crisp. Internal illustrations by Keith Minnion.

Available to buy direct from the publisher or from the Horror Mall



Aurealis and Ditmar award nominated horror author Brett McBean (The Last Motel, The Familiar Stranger, The Mother) continues his exploration of the dark side of the human character by bringing you twenty-one tales of sin and madness. From zombies roaming the Australian outback, to psychopaths roaming New York City, McBean plunges the depths of human depravity, and delves into a sick and sordid world of serial killers, Manson-like cults, even road kill and cheap souls. So pull up a seat in front of the campfire, grab a marshmallow or two, and come and take a journey into the heart of darkness with one of Australia’s leading voices in dark fiction.

This new edition contains six extra stories not published in the hardcover edition.

Available in two editions: trade paperback (LegumeMan Books or Amazon)

digital (Amazon or Smashwords)

New Interview

Author Greg Chapman recently interviewed me for his blog.  To check out the interview, go here:

New Tales of Sin and Madness

Here’s the jacket for the new edition of my short story collection, Tales of Sin and Madness, coming soon from LegumeMan Books.  More details to come.

Update on German Titles

The cover for my next German release has been unveiled.  Die Bestien is the German edition of my third (and as yet unreleased) novel, Torment.  Look out for Die Bestien (roughly translated The Beasts) in the later part of next year, from Festa Verlag.  Meanwhile, if you missed out on a copy of my first German release, Die Mutter, then I’m pleased to announce that the second printing has just been released from Festa Verlag.