Two New Books

I’m pleased to announce the release of two new titles:


It’s late. A few remaining shoppers head for the multi-story car park after attacking the sales at an adjacent shopping center.

However, they become trapped in the underground bunker when, incredibly, trees start to sprout from beneath the car park, transforming the concrete structure into a ruined, maze-like cavern.

Unable to find a way out it becomes a struggle for survival, for not only does the car park continue to transform back into a jungle, wild animals have begun to appear, governed by hunger under the foliage canopy. Now the humans must fight to survive – not only Mother Nature, but a foe just as deadly…each other.

This is the first in the ‘Jungle’ novella trilogy.

180 signed limited edition softcovers, $14

With bonus Jungle stories from Nate Kenyon and Tim Kroenert.

Cover art by Steve Crisp. Internal illustrations by Keith Minnion.

Available to buy direct from the publisher or from the Horror Mall



Aurealis and Ditmar award nominated horror author Brett McBean (The Last Motel, The Familiar Stranger, The Mother) continues his exploration of the dark side of the human character by bringing you twenty-one tales of sin and madness. From zombies roaming the Australian outback, to psychopaths roaming New York City, McBean plunges the depths of human depravity, and delves into a sick and sordid world of serial killers, Manson-like cults, even road kill and cheap souls. So pull up a seat in front of the campfire, grab a marshmallow or two, and come and take a journey into the heart of darkness with one of Australia’s leading voices in dark fiction.

This new edition contains six extra stories not published in the hardcover edition.

Available in two editions: trade paperback (LegumeMan Books or Amazon)

digital (Amazon or Smashwords)


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