The Familiar Stranger



Seth is a worker angel – one of many whose job it is to clean old souls, those soiled and broken and in need of cleaning in order to be recycled. But when Seth starts to doubt the veracity of his work, starts to wonder if old souls can truly be cleansed of their past evils, he decides to travel down to Earth and see what has become of one of the old souls.

Cassius ‘Corey’ Willis is living a colourless existence; stuck in a rut, he dreams of living a different life, of being somebody else. But when a mysterious stranger offers him the answer to his dreams, Cassius will learn the truth of his past. A past so stained with violence and bloodlust it refuses to be wiped clean . . . and a secret so horrific that it may shatter his very soul.

The Familiar Stranger was released in 2006 by Necessary Evil Press as a limited edition hardcover and paperback (now out of print).


The Familiar Stranger is a concerto for sadist with piercings of black comedy.”
—Simon Clark, author of London Under Midnight and Vampyrrhic

“Brett McBean has written another winner, a creepy tale of haunted angels, tortured souls, and a bloodthirsty serial killer. The most original idea I’ve read in quite some time . . . . I read it in one sitting, ’cause I couldn’t stop till I found out what the hell was going on! Mark my words: You won’t be able to put it down either.”
—James Newman, author of Midnight Rain, The Wicked, and Animosity


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