The Awakening Has Been Reborn

AwakeningLegumeI’m thrilled to announce that my coming–of-age novel, The Awakening, has been re-released in both paperback and digital editions, published by the fine folk at LegumeMan Books. The novel, which garnered some excellent reviews when released last year in limited edition hardcover, combines my love of small town/coming-of-age stories and the fascinating world of Haitian Vodou and zombies. If you missed out on the hardcover edition, I hope you’ll give the novel a chance now it’s available in more affordable editions. For more information, including links to order, go here.


The Awakening Will Soon be Reborn

AwakeningLegumeHere’s the first look at the cover to the new edition of my novel, The Awakening. Coming very soon from LegumeMan Books, this new edition will be released in both paperback and digital editions.

Suburban Jungle Released

SJ_CoverThe third and final instalment in my ‘Jungle’ novella trilogy, Suburban Jungle, has just been released. I’m excited, yet also a little saddened, to say goodbye to this world. But, the series has been given a wonderful send-off with bonus ‘jungle’ stories from John R. Little, Kirstyn McDermott & Daniel I Russell; an introduction by the wonderful Brian Hodge; cover art by Steve Crisp; and internal illustrations by Keith Minnion.

All three books are still available to order from Tasmaniac Publications.

German Audio Books

61GAOhpworL._SL175_61SSF+gOdsL._SL175_For all of my German readers: two of my novels have been made available as audio books, Die Bestien and Das Motel. They’ve been published by Audible.de. Click on the titles for more information, including the cool book trailers.



Buk and Jimmy Go West

buk-and-jimmy-go-west-smallI’m thrilled to announce the release of my latest book, Buk and Jimmy Go West. This wild and bloody novella combines my love of the cinema with my fascination for true crime. Available in both trade paperback and digital editions. Published by the wonderful Australian small press, LegumeMan Books. For more information, click here.

Upcoming Releases

I have two new books out soon. The first, Buk and Jimmy Go West, is at the printers as I type this, and should be out very soon in trade paperback and digital from LegumeMan Books. This novella is a wild, bloody homage to cinema and concerns a movie obsessed serial killer who cuts a bloody path across the American Southwest while teaching a young man about his murderous ways (as well as his favourite movies).


The second book is the final instalment in the ‘Jungle‘ trilogy, Suburban Jungle. Set four years after the events in the first book, this apocalyptic story sees the world still battling to survive in this hostile jungle land, and is the darkest chapter in the trilogy. Due to be published early next year in limited edition paperback from Tasmaniac Publications.


Torment review

ScaryMinds has reviewed my backwoods horror novel, Torment. Read the review here.