Jungle Mania

Attention all writers! Tasmaniac Publications is running a writing competition, to coincide with the release of NEIGHBOURHOOD JUNGLE. To find out more, read on:


To celebrate the second release of Brett McBean’s Jungle trilogy, Neighbourhood Jungle, Tasmaniac will be holding a short story writing competition.

Here’s your chance to further expand Brett’s apocalyptic vision of nature destroying modern civilization as we know it, and maybe carving yourself a slice of infamy under this dangerous canopy, for the lucky winner will see their story published in the final instalment, Suburban Jungle, as well as receiving a set of the trilogy in hardback form.

Stories need to be set around a year from when nature stamped its authority on the world, to coincide with the novel’s timeline. With a word count around 5000, we’ll be looking for stories with well thought out characters thrust into a story worth telling – whether they’re struggling to cope with their new found environment or quite the opposite.

Submissions will be accepted from now until mid-July.

Send as a word document, double spaced with standard text, along with ‘Jungle Mania’ in the subject heading to: tasmaniacpublications@gmail.com

Hardcopies are also accepted and can be sent to:
Tasmaniac Publications
P.O. Box 45
Tasmania 7292

Best of luck to all entries…and remember, it’s a jungle out there!


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